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Not everyone could afford to purchase a beachside mansion or cottage tucked away in the mountains for the sole purpose of a two-week vacation every summer. However, purchasing a segment of that home or condominium unit comes within most people's reach to make their dream vacation a reality. Timeshare vacations are made possible by the conception of time sharing.

Timeshare vacations are guided by the concept of time sharing that has in essence two different kinds. The first type is deeded ownership, which is the timeshare you bought in a piece of a real estate that gives you full grant of the unit during a defined week or weeks in a year. The second type is when you buy a lease, license or membership that lets you use various properties within a timeshare resort like a villa and its amenities and services for a defined week or weeks in the coming years.

Timeshare vacations can be found in the most desired tourist destinations in the world. These destinations are strategically located near pristine beaches, theme and amusement parks, popular sightseeing attractions, recreational activities, and eco-tourism activities.

These kinds of vacations attract consumers to the idea of allowing themselves and their families to relax first class in their own vacation home for less expense.

Timeshare vacations have various buying times. The vacations can be enjoyed as floating or that you have the choice regarding the week you wish to enjoy it. In contrast, the fixed week type is any fixed week in a year from January to December. Colors are also assigned to a week to illustrate its value. Red weeks are holidays and peak seasons, white or amber weeks are weeks in the middle of the season, blue or green are weeks in the middle of off-peak seasons.

These distinctions can determine how much you are going to pay for your timeshare vacations. While you are booking the vacation, you can also get discounts, incentives and vacation packages that are of advantage to you.

Timeshare resorts around the world offer freebies and incentives through point systems. These bonuses may also include meals, tours, cruises, gift vouchers, coupons and more.

Leasing, reselling and buying timeshare vacations

Once you buy a timeshare vacation, you can enjoy it for a period of time and later have the choice of having it rented by someone else, bought or exchanged. Timeshare vacation rentals are popular thanks to the exemption the renter to pay taxes for the ownership. The prices of the timeshare vacations are also less expensive compared to its original price.

Selling timeshare vacations are also popular because these condominium units you own with your timeshare provide much more than the standard hotel rooms. At the same time, resale prices are often more than 60 percent off compared to its original price that can easily range from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the resort, type and size of unit, location of unit, amenities and services available.

Timeshare vacations are also so popular because you have all the privacy you want while enjoying all the amenities and services offered by these first-class hotels. In fact, leading in the business of selling timeshare vacations are well-known hotel chains like Marriott, Hyatt, Trendwest/World Mark, Hilton, Starwood, Walt Disney Company, Fairfield and others.

Exchanging timeshare vacations

You are also able to trade your timeshare vacations with someone else's. Timeshare vacations can be swapped through exchange companies by paying a membership fee. The world's most notable exchange companies are Resort Condominiums International or RCI and Intervals International or II.

These exchange companies can assist you in trading your timeshare vacations by essentially depositing some or all of the vacation time you own into their system. At your convenience, you can withdraw a comparable amount of time at another vacation destination of your choice. These choices are practically limitless, for RCI and II are connected to virtually all timeshare vacation sites around the world.

Timeshare vacations are also very easy to book thanks to the professional assistance given by timeshare vacations clubs and timeshare companies. These companies provide comprehensive listings of thousands of resorts that sell timeshare vacations and find the one that would best suit your needs and budget.

At a fraction of the cost of normal hotel rates, travelers and their families can now enjoy high quality amenities and experiences in their timeshare vacation.
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