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There are enemies lurking; threatening to harm your boat.  Dust, moisture, rodents, and even people can cause damage # sometimes to the degree that it's just too extensive or expensive to repair.

Any boat that's left unprotected is susceptible to damage by nature and people.  These elements can ruin your craft and rob you of the value of your investment.  You need to keep your boat well protected, whether you're parking it for the weekend, or storing it for the winter.

If your boat is kept outdoors, particular for extended periods of time, you need to keep it covered.  A canvas boat cover can provide the protection you need to keep your boat free of dust, water and vandalism.  The best covers are dustproof or dust-resistant, waterproof and able to protect your boat's paint and fabric from harmful UV rays.  A good canvas boat cover will deter vandals and can even help to prevent theft.  

Canvas is not the material it used to be.  No longer does it become brittle and tear easily with age.  Many of today's canvas blends have been treated, so they're able to provide watertight protection and allow for proper air circulation.  When moisture from rain, snow and condensation is left to accumulate in or on your boat, it can cause rust, rot and mildew.  Canvas boat covers offer two degrees of protection:  they keep the boat protected from snow and rain, and they allow for sufficient air circulation to stop the accumulation of moisture.

There are other advantages to choosing canvas over other materials.  Canvas provides unparalleled strength and durability that will last for many years.  It's also much more affordable than other materials. Another huge benefit is that canvas boat covers can be customized to create a perfect fit for your boat. This tight fit is a great deterrent for thieves who would think twice before taking the time to struggle and remove the cover.

It's easy to be fooled by advertisements, so don't just buy the first cover that catches your eye.  Compare styles and brands, and choose the canvas boat cover that meets your particular needs.  Many companies will offer discount sales and if you buy your canvas boat cover during the off-season, you can get real value for your money.  Either way, it's a small price to pay to ensure protection and longevity for your boat.

Boats are not weatherproof.  In fact, they will suffer irreversible damage caused by wind, rain, sun, snow, dust and ice.  You can, however, protect your boat from the elements with a canvas boat cover.  Visit your local marina or boat accessory retail to find a canvas boat cover that will provide years of protection.
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